November 13, 2017

Enable Sharp Apple AirPrint for Sharp MX-2640N

Sharp MX-2640N 

Sharp Apple AirPrint is a solution that can allow you to always print the printer with AirPrint-enabled directly from devices such as Apple support without having to install drivers or a software package. AirPrint-enabled printers sharp devices iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or a computer with Mac OS. Sharp printer products have enabled to be able to use AirPrint on all printer models that most recently.

Step 1
Open "Settings Menu"

Enable Sharp Apple AirPrint

Step 2
Click on the network settings in the section of the left menu.

Enable Sharp Apple AirPrint

Step 3
Tap on the empty boxes to be able to bring up the keyboard, admin password, and then click OK, and then you log in.

Enable Sharp Apple AirPrint

Step 4
Tap on the print Port Settings section on the left menu.

Enable Sharp Apple AirPrint

Step 5
Move to the tab, then enable AirPrint by using the drop-down menu, and submit.

Enable Sharp Apple AirPrint

Step 6
Select and press Reboot when asked by touching the Reboot on the button now.

Enable Sharp Apple AirPrint

By using a compatible device like AirPrint, can open documents, send email, or a selection of images/photos that you want to print.

At this point, you can decide whether your printer to AirPrint sharp! Sometimes you need a few minutes to download the file to spool the connection from your phone to a printer, this is normal.


  1. everything is enabled, but my iPhone cant find the printer.

  2. You can try RESTART in iPhone and your Printer