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Sharpdesk 3.2 for Sharp AL-2040

Sharpdesk 3.2 for Sharp AL-2040

Sharpdesk 3.2 for Sharp AL-2040
The Sharpdesk software is part of a manageable application on your personal, desktop-based personal document that allows users to browse, edit, search, also write, process or forward an electronic document for scanning and native from this machine. This allows for easy creation and distribution of proposals, reports and more with easy drag and drops operations. 

You just drag and drop it to your file in the work area for the Sharpdesk software and you can do and explore it in a single window. Any kind of file that can be displayed on this utility is as a thumbnail to quickly visualize the location and how to identify a document that will be searched. Supports more than 200 file types, such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint files, TIFF, JPEG or BMP, supported.

Sharpdesk Function
As imaging annotations that are able to provide a variety of tools for editing a very useful, including text documents, labels, and stamps paste, allowing network users to always review and also corrects the document without Overwriting files of the original files and eliminates all need to be able to print in hard copy.

Sharpdesk Software
It also includes an embedded network scan in sharp multifunction document systems and part of the FO-DC for the series device, which allows you to scan documents easily, forward them or even be able to change it into a digital file that can be edited too.

Languange Compatibility
English US, English British, French, Italiano, Germany, Spanish, Swedish and Dutch. 

Compatibility Operating System
Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000

Sharpdesk 3.2 Download

Download - Sharpdesk 3.2
Compatibility OS: Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000

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