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Sharp PN-C703B Aquos Board Software Download

Sharp PN-C703B Aquos Board
Sharp PN-C703B Aquos Board Software Download
Sharp PN-C703B Aquos Board Software Download - The highly interactive interface for the Sharp Aquos PN-C603D board allows for two people to write on a screen at the same time using just a touch pen and this is very easy to use.

In addition, participants can also actively take part in classroom discussions or interactions, meetings in the office, brainstorming sessions and much more. And wherever you are writing on a screen, you can also easily change the color or type of output to scratch the pen or you can also use the eraser included being able to remove unwanted content.

MFPs Connectivity, with file documents or color image display, can be scanned from compatible Sharp MFPs series and these will be imported directly to Sharp Pen Software for display on a highly interactive PN-C703B interface.

You can also add convenience, to an image data that will be displayed on the screen and including this notation can be immediately saved to a PC computer or you can also send directly to MFP for printout.

Appearance for Sharp products with Aquos Board model The software also includes two convenient modes which you can always choose from depending on your needs. Mode for a whiteboard option is ideal for writing tasks and chart diagrams, and this product is equipped with various benefits for you one of the background templates that you can use such as calendar, activity plan, daily task list, corkboard boards and much more.

Coupled with overlay mode, in the meantime, you can either write on the board or directly to draw to a photo, video, PDF file, or Microsoft windows office view to be displayed for an Excel, Word or PowerPoint Document.

Update Software for the new version for Sharp PN-C703B Aquos Board
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Download - Sharp Display_V.only client

Download - Sharp version

Download - Pen_Software v.

Download - Update for Pen_Software v.

Download Drivers Touch Panel Driver for Sharp PN-C703B Aquos Board.

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