January 20, 2020

How to Solution Sharp Printer Offline

Solution Sharp Printer Offline

This problem has occurred when your Sharp printer requires maintenance, and this Sharp printer will send a signal or signal to a nearby network that the printer is offline. While your multifunction printer might require a little attention, a quick change in port settings will get you back up and running in the meantime.

We will provide a guide on how this printer is offline and how to deal with it.

This needs to be done from the PC/computer where your printer will be installed. If your printer is call, example: Sharp MX-411NN on "SERVER", then your printer will also be installing on a computer call "SERVER" and that is the computer that you want up front for the steps below.

Start by opening your Control Panel. Windows 8 and Windows 10
  1. Open for Printers and Fax or Print and other hardware.
  2. Please, "Right" click on the Sharp printer, click "Printer Properties".
  3. Click the Ports tab at the top of the windows (if you don’t have a ports tab you'r open the wrong “Properties”).
  4. Please, click "Configure Port" (If you cannot configure the port this printer is being share from a servers and you need to makes these adjustments from the server).
  5. Uncheck the box at the bottom that says SNMP Status Enabled.
  6. Stand up and clap to celebrate your man vs. machine victory.
See the printer to warm up? This will print all the document files that you have tried to print since offline. If you want to cancel this, please go to the machine and touch Job Status to Stop and Delete the job.

When you do this, the printer must be "Ready" rather than Offline. If not, check the network connectivity connection to the Sharp printer itself. Make sure you have a flashing green light through the Network Interface Card (NIC), and if necessary print a NIC page to make sure it isn't on DHCP and that the IP has changed to something other than what is listed on your port tab.

*** Have a nice day (sharp-printerdriver.top).