July 26, 2022

How To Find Mac Address on Sharp Printer

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How To Find Mac Address on Sharp Printer

A Media Access Control address, commonly known as a MAC address, is not comparable to an IP address for a network in the sense that the manufacturer of your device assigns it to the network adapter of your printer. 

IP address, on the other hand, is assigned automatically. Instead, an IP address will be allotted to the network device that is present on your computer.

If you utilize the MAC address filtering feature of your router in combination with this one-of-a-kind identification, you will be able to better safeguard your printer even while it is connected to your network. 

This will be possible even while the printer will remain connected. If you turn on this function, the only devices that will be able to connect to your network are the ones that have MAC addresses that are on the filter list.

To find out the MAC address of your printer, you will need to use the "arp" command, which can be found in the program that is more popularly known as the Command Prompt.

Before you will actually be able to carry out the command, you will first need to get the IP address of your printer, which can be found in the software that is known as Printer Properties. Once you have that, you will then be able to proceed.

Determine the Internet Protocol address of your printer.

Step I

Simply press the "Windows" key on your keyboard, begin typing "Devices and Printers," and then choose "Devices and Printers" from the list of options that displays after you have typed in the search term.

Step II

When you right-click on the printer, a menu will open that allows you to choose "Printer Properties" from that menu.

Step III

You will need to go to the "Ports" tab, then choose "Standard TCP/IP Port" from the drop-down menu that appears once you click on that tab.

Step IV

Simply clicking the "Configure Port" button will set up the port for you. You can locate the printer's IP address in the box that is labeled with either the Printer Name or the IP Address.

Find out what the printer's Media Access Control address is.

Step I

Give the "Start" button a right-click in order to bring up the Quick Access menu. This may be done by clicking the right mouse button.

Step II

From the list of choices provided by the menu, choose "Command Prompt."

Step III

At the box for entering commands, write "arp -a" without the quotation marks, and then click the "Enter" button when you have finished typing the command. 

You are going to need to scroll down the list in order to locate the IP address that corresponds to your printer.

Your printer has both a MAC address and an IP address; the latter can be found here, while the former can be found there. 

A MAC address may look something like this: "00-1d-7e-e8-d7-27." This is an example of one possible format for a MAC address.

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