January 9, 2023

How to Check IP address in Sharp MFP Printer

How to Check IP address in Sharp MFP Printer

How can you find a Sharp printer IP address? It's not too complicated. However, the process is very different from finding the IP address for your computer.

How to Find the IP Address in My Sharp Printer Devices?

Some of them are similar to finding your IP address on Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, as you can use the Command Prompt or Windows Setting area. Alternatively, you can could using the router or printer menu to find the printer IP address.

Find in My Sharp Printer IP Address

Fixing your printer requires more than just removed a stuck piece of paper. And for that situation, you'll need the printer IP address. The good news is that you can very easy find it by follow step by step.

We use procedure in sharp MX-4071 as an example; You can find Sharp MFP printer model IP address by check:

[Settings] > select [Status] tab > [Network Status]

Step 1; Select the [Settings] key on the Home Screen.

Sharp setting key

Step 2;

Select the [Status] tab then tap [Network Status] and check [IPv4 Address] of Sharp MFP.

Sharp MFP Status

How to check whether Sharp MFP is connecting to my PC?

1; Enter the IP address checked in the Step 2 to the browser address bar.

  • IP Address:
  • Example browser : Microsoft Edge.
Sharp IP Address
When the login screen appears, Please; ask the administrator of the MFP If you do not know the password.

Check user manual for the default password.

2; If you see the following screen, your PC can successfully be connected to the Sharp MFP devices.

Sharp success installing

If your work involves using a printer often, the Windows Print Management tool might give you a help hand.