January 9, 2023

How To Install Sharp Print Scanner Driver

How to Install Sharp MFP Scanner Driver

TWAIN is a very popular tool that allows you to scan a picture (using a scanner) right into the application (like PhotoShop) where you want to edit with the image. This saves you time and allows you to work more efficiently.

Sharp MFP TWAIN Driver

If you didn't have TWAIN, every time you wanted to deal with a picture, you'd have to exit the application that you were now using, launch a separate program designed specifically to accept the image, and then import it into the original program. TWAIN driver is a piece of software that is installed in between an application and the scanner hardware.

TWAIN usually comes as part of the software package you get when you buy a scanner. It's also integrated into PhotoShop and similar image manipulation programs.

Install Sharp MFP Scanner Driver

Install Sharp Scanner Driver 

We assist you in the process of installing the driver for the scanner. You will be able to perform scans using TWAIN-enabled applications when the Sharp MFP model scanner driver has been installed on your computer.

We strongly advise obtaining and using the most recent version of the printer driver available on the website.

Follow the steps and explanation below;

Download and run the scanner driver.

1; Now; Click the [Download] button and click the [Run] button on the opened window. 

2; If you save the file drivers, then "double-click" it. Depending on your PC environment, the file may be saved automatically without opening a window.
When the file is save, please; double click to start installing.

An Installation request an administrator privileges.


First; Right-click the stored file and click [Run as an administrator] on the displayed menu and execute the installation.

Second; Please - Enter the admin Password if necessary.

Specify where to save the file's driver in your PC. Check where to save the file then click the [Next] button.

Sharp MFP scanner driver

3; Now; Start copy files. Then Click the [Yes] button to start copying the files.

If a security warning window appears; There is no problem with the scanner driver, then select the button to continue the installing.

Sharp copy file

4; Next; Complete the installing. Then - Click the [OK] button.

Complated Install driver
5; Important; display the registration screen of the MFP. You can "Click" the Windows key, then click [Select Device].

This compatible in Microsoft Windows 10 and 8.1.

Sharp Install Windows

5; Next; We can search for the MFP to be registered. Then "Click" the [Search] button.

Sharp MFP to be registered

6; Register the Sharp MFP model. Check the searched MFP and click the [OK] button.

Sharp register MFP

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7; Next; complete the registration of the Sharp MFP. Then Click the [OK] button.

Sharp completed registration