January 26, 2023

How To Install PC-Fax Driver in Sharp Printer

It is necessary to send a fax on occasion. However, only a small percentage of the population own a fax machine or even has access to one. 

You always have the option to pay to use a traditional fax machine at your neighborhood print shop, but doing so is not only expensive but also inconvenient. There is a straightforward answer available in the form of online fax services.

How To Install PC-Fax Driver in Sharp Printer

PC-Faxs in Sharp Printer

Online fax services, sometimes know as fax applications, make sending and receiving faxes more simpler and more comfortable than using a traditional fax machine. 

These services may also include additional features, such as the capacity to transmit faxes through email or the capacity to utilize digital signature tools.

Online Fax Services

The best online fax services make your life easier whether you send faxes regularly or hardly ever. And if you have just one fax to send occasionally and don't want to pay, you can absolutely send a few fax pages for free.

This section describes how to installing PC-Fax driver

After installing the PC-Fax driver file, you can send faxes from popular software.

We recommend downloading and using the latest printer driver from the website instead of using the printer driver in the CD-ROM bundled in the Sharp MFP product package.

Step by step;

1; Download Driver

The automatically detected operating system for server may differ from the actual operating system. If the detected operating system is different from the actual operating system.

You can click [Select another OS] and select the OS of your PC from the list box.

When the operating system cannot be detected automatically. and when a list box appears, selected the operating system of your PC from the list box.

How to find the operating system information of my PC devices?

To check the operating system information of your PC, refer to How do I know the bit of my PC?

2; You can [Download and Run] the PC-Fax Driver.

Click the [Download] button and click the [Run] button on the opened window. If you saved the file, then "double-click".

Install PC-Fax Driver in Sharp Printer

When the files is saved, Please; "double click" it to start installing.

Installation process requires an administrator privileges.

First; You can "Right-click" the stored file and click [Run as an administrator] on the display menu and execute the installations.

Second; Please enter the admin Password if necessary.

3; Specify Where to Your Save the File.

Please; check where to saved the file then click the [Next] button.

Save PC Fax Sharp driver

4; Now; selected Installation Method.

Click the [Standard installation] icon.

Sharp Installation Method


  1. When "Select a type of installation." screen appears.
  2. When [Add a new Sharp printer] icon is clicked, the screen goes to the [Choose an installation method] screen.
  3. This screen appears when a MFP using the same printer driver is registered or a previous version of the printer driver has already been installing.

5; Next -  Select the MFP to Installing. You can check the box of MFP to be install and click the [Next] button.

Sharp MFP to Install

How to my MFP is detected?

  1. Check; Is the power of the MFP turned on?
  2. Next; Are the PC and MFP are connected to the network properly ?
  3. When there is no problem with the above points, you can click the [Specify Condition] button.

6. Please; check the MFP to Install and Starting Copy in files.

Check the display information and click the [Next] button to start ing copying the files.

Check Sharp MFP Install

When a security warning window pop up. There is no problem with the printer driver files , so you can "click" a button to continue the installing.

7. Finish the Driver Install. and Click the [Finish] button.

Finish Sharp Driver